Adriano Bassi – Arturo Sacchetti: la musica è la mia vita


With the book “Arturo Sacchetti: la musica è la mia vita ”by Adriano Bassi (published by BAM International) is born a significant testimony that reflects the existence of an artist of our time, eclectic and versatile, extrovert, reflection of an era saturated with problems and uncertainties, intensely conditioned by a noble past and glorious.
This is not a tribute to a protagonist, alive and present in life artistic-musical, but a contribution to the knowledge of a very personal subject, against the current, unpredictable and coherent with a way of being, not obsequious to comfortable rituals, but with noble and high ideals. The artist’s earthly journey is the mirror of customs, moods, traditions, events, curiosities and dramas in which the reality is transfigures to become an authentic life story and profound meaning of existence.
Even in the most sensitive and delicate aspects imperiously emerges love for life, and the desire for such concreteness as to give the existence of excellency brought and spiritual achievements.

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Adriano Bassi – Arturo Sacchetti: la musica è la mia vita

624 Pagg. + Interactive CD-ROM

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