Paolo Mazza – Lawrence d’Arabia


Lawrence d’Arabia, for Band, by Maurice Jarre – Trascr. by Paolo Mazza

The cost of the complete package (90 € + VAT) includes the main Score and all the separate parts; all files, in pdf format, will be sent to the email address of your choice.

At the cost of 120 € + VAT, in addition to the pdf files, the printing of the main score will be sent (by ordinary mail), in A3 format.

Il costo del pacchetto completo (90 € + IVA) include lo Score principale e tutte le parti separate; tutti i files, in formato pdf, verranno inviati all’indirizzo mail di vostra scelta.

Al costo di 120 € + IVA, oltre ai files pdf verrà inviata (tramite posta ordinaria) la stampa dello score principale, in formato A3.


Paolo Mazza – Lawrence d’Arabia, for Band – Full Score

22 pagg.

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